OCT 24 & 25 - 9AM TO 4PM PST

James Gilliland
The Kate Awakening
Corey Goode
Dr. Michael Salla
Dr. Alex Bloom
Kaya Leigh
Caressa Ayres

Join a gathering of cutting edge minds coming together at a critical time to illuminate the deeper truths going unnoticed during our strange times. What is the bigger picture of our unprecedented societal changes and planetary shift? Will the status quo be broken and why? ET disclosure, spirituality, technology and political upheavals are all on the table as we seek these answers, with further questions welcome from all participants during the livestream event.

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Each ticket purchased registers one email address for the livestream on both October 24th & October 25th. Live event starts 9AM PST (12PM eastern) and continues till 4pm pacific. After the event, this purchase also allows access to view the video replays through your account on this website.